Dr. Patrick Nhigula

Dr. Patrick Nhigula
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An alumni of Tambaza Secondary School, Dr. Patrick Nhigula, MA, MSPH, PhD, , is a Lecturer at the University of South Carolina (USC), Department of Management Science, Darla Moore School of Business. He is also an Assistant Professor at South University (SU) in Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Nhigula focuses his teaching on health-care management, health science, and information technology courses. He currently serves as an advisor in the health-care management program at the same institution.

Prior to joining University of South Carolina and South University, Dr. Nhigula was employed by Blue Cross Shield of South Carolina as a Technical Analyst. He coordinated Medicare and Medicaid contracts for the health insurance firm between 2006 and 2011.In addition, Dr. Patrick Nhigula serves as a Secretary of Treasury and Advisor for Jenga-Foundation, a non-profit organization in Raleigh, North Carolina. He helps to coordinate and plan its educational and healthcare programs in Tanzania. Furthermore, Dr. Nhigula has served two terms as a board member for South Carolina African American HIV/AIDS Council, a non-profit organization in Columbia, South Carolina. Furthermore, he has also served three terms as a board member of the International Council of African Professionals, a non-profit organization.

From 2015 to present, Dr. Nhigula has appeared on various radio and television programs as a guest speaker for the Voice of America Washington Bureau (VOA-SWAHILI) where he discusses topics on healthcare, education, the economy, politics, and social issues.