Ms. Lilian Makoi

Ms. Lilian Makoi
  • Jamii Africa
  • Company: Jamii Africa

Lilian Makoi, MIB, is the founder of Jamii Africa, a mobile driven micro-health insurance that offers access to affordable healthcare to low and middle-income individuals in East and Central Africa. Lilian launched Jamii Africa in 2015 in partnership with Vodacom and Julibee Insurance, after witnessing how lack of income can mean life and death to low-income families. Lilian leveraged her passion for technology and innovation to develop micro-insurance solutions servicing the underserved population in Africa. Jamii Africa currently operates in Tanzania, and offers health insurance for as little as $1 per month. This year, Jamii Africa received its first seed funding of $750K which the organization plans to invest in regional expansion, providing access beyond Tanzania.

Prior to launching Jamii Africa, Lilian spent extensive time analyzing big data segments, and developing technology strategy for private and government institutions. Lilian holds a Masters of International Business from University of Dar es salaam, and a Bachelor of Arts from Mzumbe University.

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